29 June 2007

Thousands of people reiterate in Bilbao their compromise towards a democratic resolution

Thousands of people responded yesterday in the streets of Bilbo to the national demonstration call EAE-ANV (Basque Nationalist Action) in favour of a democratic process that will bring the Basque Country to a scene of peace and democracy for all its citizenship, without the exclusion of an important sector of the population.

Apart from the president of the convoking party, Kepa Bereziartua, could also be seen the members of the Basque pro-independence left's executive Joseba Permach, Joseba Alvarez or Juan Joxe Petrikorena, the General Secretary of LAB (Basque pro-independence left trade union), Rafa Diez, or the of Ezker Abertzalea parliamentarian Nekane Erauskin, not forgetting historical members of the pro-independence left such as Txomin Ziluaga.

Also took part a numerous representation of the Friends of the Basque Country in favour of a democratic process, making clear in the streets of the Bizkaia's capital that the resolution to the Basque political conflict is day by day more reflected in the international agenda and successfully obtains the support of more political and social agents.

The Catalan Jordi Villanueva and the David Kennedy from the Irish Basque Committees showed, for example, the solidarity arrived from Catalunya, Portugal, Holland, Ireland, Corsica, Palestine, Britain and the Spanish and French states.

Villanueva emphasized the importance of dialogue, as "it is more necessary that ever", not forgetting that is essential to recognised the Basque Country's right to decide their future.

Kennedy underlined that the necessity to find a solution to the Basque political conflict is more and more present in the worldwide context, remembering that the Irish peoples solidarity with this process will always be there.

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