29 June 2007

European elected representatives ratify their support to a democratic resolution

The Gernika Network for the Self-determination, conformed by elect representatives of all Europe in defence of the free-determination right for the Basque Country, made a public declaration remembering the political character of the conflict that confronts the Basque Country with the Spanish and French states and, renew their commitment to work towards a democratic resolution. They, also, denounce the imprisonment of Arnaldo Otegi as an element that "hinders dialogue". "The Spanish State should, once and for all, end all repressive measures and to act with responsibility in a dialogue that will resolve the existing conflict".

They, also, believe that the end of ETA's cease-fire "demonstrates that, unfortunately, from 22nd March 2006 there has been no dialogue process to resolve the roots of the conflict: territoriality and the right of self-determination".

"The creation of a peace process is not possible when these fundamental rights, that are the roots of the conflict, are denied".

As a conclusion, they summoned "our colleagues, parliamentarians and elect representatives of all Europe, to add to our network in order to promote a democratic process of peace that resolves the existing conflict in the Basque Country". And, as emphasize in their manifesto, "we are convinced that by building peace in the Basque Country we also contributed in the creation of peace in Europe".

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