13 June 2007

ETA prisoner De Juana returns to jail out of Basque Country


The prisoner left Donostia Hospital in an ambulance on his way to Madrid. On Tuesday the Interior minister said De Juana was not going home after being discharged from Hospital.

The inmate IƱaki de Juana Chaos has been declared healthy again and was removed Wednesday from the hospital in the Basque city of Donostia-San Sebastian, where he had been recovering from a 114-day hunger strike.

There has been a strong police presence at the Donostia Hospital since midday.

The prisoner left hospital at about 1.30pm in a medical ambulance watched over by two local police patrols. Media waited at the main entrance to the hospital, waiting to se the prisoner leaving, but few cameras could record De Juana leaving.

On Tuesday, Interior minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba said De Juana Chaos, released from prison on March 1 after a hunger strike that left him gravely ill, will be sent back to jail, not home, to serve out the rest of his prison term under police surveillance, a possibility that had initially been raised.

Askatasuna, the Basque political prisoners support group said this new move form the Spanish government is one of pure revenge.

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