26 June 2007

Otegi insists that dialogue is the way forward and ANV calls to mobilize.

In the picture ANV supporters protest at council meeting in Ortuella (Bizkaia) as other hundreds did in many towns were ANV was declared illegal during the recent elections. They were asking the rest of parties to respect the results and give their seats back to ANV councillors.

Six elect representatives of the historical pro-independence left formation, among which they were the General council representative for Araba Aitor Bezares, and the head of list of Pasaia, Maider Ziganda, as well as Mayors of Bergara, Leitza, Goizueta, Ondarroa and Oiartzun described the present situation as of "maximum gravity".

In ANV's (Basque Nationalist Action, a seventy year old pro-independence party) opinion "they have not learned in all these years that the imprisonments and the repression cannot close the path that thousands and thousands of citizens are opening, we are opening, in this country". "They do not want to learn that democracy and peace are the two faces of the same cuoin, that solution and justice go hand by hand, and that the Basque Country and self-determination are the name and the surname of the solution". "The Basque pro-independence left's 719 elected representatives' main priority is and will be to boost the democratic process in all the institutions as well as to make sure those institutions are democratic and have a democratic funtioning, respecting the popular will".

Arnaldo Otegi made the same call to the dialogue from behind the walls of Martutene prison. Jone Goirizelaia, lawyer of Otegi, has insisted that "despite everything, the only way that exists is the Anoeta proposal".

Otegi wanted share with the Basque society that "it is time to take it easy and to do things not as the PSOE has done them, in the short term and with revenge in mind, but taking into account how we want the Basque Country to be in the future". It also mentioned that "it is necessary to continue bidding for daily work, dialogue, an agreement and so that in the end we can freely decide our future and that our decision is respected".

Jone Goirizelaia, lawyer of Arnaldo Otegi and member of the Basque pro-independence left, remembered that the processes against Otegi and other pro-independence militants "are against the freedom of expression right".

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