26 June 2007

Repression: Since the cease-fire began the three main police forces of the south of the Basque Country –Ertzaintza, Spanish police and the Civil Guard

The French police have also arrested numerous Basque citizens both in the North of the Basque Country (under French occupation) as well as in France.

The Mexican authorities extradited the Basque citizen Andoni Aspiazu to the Spanish State and then he was imprisoned.

Bittor Tejedor was arrested the 1st of June in Vancouver. They impute him problems with its migratory documents and presumed relation with ETA.

The judge of the Spanish National Court Balthasar Garzón requested the French Gendarmerie to arrest Xabier Irastorza, Iñaki Telletxea and Markos Sagarzazu, residents in Hendaia and Donibane Lohizune, once the Court of Appeal of Pau informed the accused about the European order to be extradited, the three neighbours of Irun were jailed in the prison of Toulouse and will be soon sent to Spain's jails.

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