29 June 2007

Batasuna has gathered 40 international organisations' support

Joseba Alvarez member of the Basque pro-independence left's executive, has gathered the support of more than forty political organizations who, among other issues, have denounced the imprisonment of Arnaldo Otegi.

The reason for those trips, a part from forwarding first hand the present political situation of the Basque Country and to learn in greater depth the experiences of those countries, has also been "to ask, the international community, for the necessary supports", "for the renewal of a dialogue, agreement and resolution of the conflict process" for the Basque Country.

The Basque pro-independence left situates the trips carried out by Alvarez to countries like South Africa or Ireland "places with an expanded experience in the resolution of the conflict", in that effort to take initiatives. As well as to other Countries such as Chile, Bolivia, Argentina or different countries of Europe.

The member of the national executive also talked about other initiatives as the internationalist solidarity day to "try to articulate in the future an Basque solidarity answer towards other towns instruggle". In this sense, mentioned, "now that the Basque pro-independence left returns to the institutions there will be more opportunities to do so".

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