4 February 2010

Otegi demands a democratic solution to the conflict during trial

Last week the Pro-Independence Left imprisoned leader Arnaldo Otegi attended trial in Madrid for taking part in 2005 in a solidarity event with Basque political prisoner Joxe Mari Sagardui "Gatza" on the 25th anniversary of his imprisonment. He is still in jail which marks him as the oldest serving prisoner in Europe.

Arnaldo Otegi at the rally organised to demand Joxe Mari "Gatza" Sagardui's relase.

 Otegi, who has been accused of glorifying terrorism, took advantage of the opportunity to demand a democratic resolution to the political conflict. He said the Pro-Independence Left has always worked for a peaceful resolution and remembered the self-determination processes in Ireland and Scotland.

He also spoke about the situation of the Basque political prisoners. He said that the existence of almost 800 prisoners out of a population of three million proves the existence of a conflict without parallels around the world.

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