4 February 2010

End of hunger strike in prisons and solidarity in the Basque Country

The 746 Basque political prisoners ended the week long hunger strike last Sunday at midnight. The protest is part of a new campaign of protests which begun on the 1st of January of this year. More protests have been announced for coming months. The Basque political prisoners demand the recognition of their political status, their repatriation to Basque prisons and the release of all ill prisoners and those who have already completed their sentences.

During the week and especially over the weekend, hundreds of solidarity protests took place across the Basque Country and in at least 20 different towns, two day fasts were organised. In Bilbao 20 people fasted for the entire week.

One of the many fasts organised over the weekend in solidarity with the Basque political prisoners.

Unfortunately Basque prisoner Lorentxa Gimon remains on hunger strike after 33 days in the northern French jail of Roanne. She demands that she is transferred to another jail with Basque comrades. 60 people from her home town of Donibane Garazi/St. Jéan-de-Pied-de-Port travelled to Roanne to show their solidarity. They were joined outside the prison by local left-wing activists.

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