4 February 2010

New campaign in favour of civil and political rights launched

Last Saturday thousands of people filled the Euskalduna Conference Centre to attend the launch of Adierazi EH/Express PI (People’s Initiative) the new campaign group in favour of civil and political rights.

This new platform gathers people from many different political backgrounds and aims at demanding democracy for the Basque Country and the implementation of all civil and political rights cut down in the past few years.

During the event there was dance, theatre and videos displaying in different ways the attacks against civil and political rights in the Basque Country.

The speakers told the audience that the continuous banning of political parties, the mass arrests of political and social activists and the censorship occurring in the Basque Country is a unique situation within the European context.

But despite the terrible situation mass protests have been organised recently which shows the importance of the joint work among people of different political background. Adierazi EH wants to become a platform for them all.

The new group’s manifesto was read during the event which demands from the Spanish and French states, Europe and the world, the respect of the freedoms of opinion, expression, association and demonstration and the rights to intimacy and privacy,  to access to justice, to active and passive vote and finally the right to reparation and democratic restoration.

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