4 February 2010


Friends of the Basque Country – we need you! 

No oppressed nation on earth can free itself in isolation. The mobilisation of international support from other struggles and people has, to a greater or lesser degree, always been necessary.  The same is true of Euskal Herria (the Basque Country). 

The names of Pro-Independence Left Basques together with fighters of other nations are part of imperialism's blacklist of ‘undesirables’.  The Spanish and French governments miss no opportunity to publicly insult and attack the Basque social organisations which seek a democratic solution to the conflict perpetuated by the same Spanish and French governments. The number of Basque political prisoners, at a distance of thousands of kilometres from their country, relations and friends, has never been so high during the past 50 years: 765 people.  Tens of political and social organisations have been banned in the south of our country. 

Nevertheless, there is no scarcity of solidarity extended – from those who open their houses, who help families visit the political prisoners, who mobilise to break down the wall of silence that the mass media builds over the reality that we suffer and that we, at the same time, also construct.  They are the true friends of Euskal Herria. 

In spite of imperialism's attacks, the reconstruction of Euskal Herria is in train.  The numbers of women and men who dream and live thinking of a Euskal Herria of the working class, of Mother Earth, which is free from labour and gender exploitation, is growing constantly.  A Euskal Herria that lives its life through its language, which dances to the same tune as all peoples who fight for their freedom.

This developing process of liberation needs to pass through a new phase that pushes it forward: the implementation of the right of self-determination.  This has always been a fundamental objective of the Pro-Independence Left and we think that the struggle of recent years has succeeded in laying the foundations for its construction. 

The implementation of the right to self-determination will enable the democratic resolution of the confrontation which Spanish and French domination has imposed on this nation, and will enable us to move forward towards an independent and socialist Euskal Herria. 

It is because of all this that we call on the network of Friends of the Basque Country across the world to carry out actions of solidarity and that they uphold, in particular, the right of self-determination to which we are entitled as a nation during the Week of International Solidarity with the Basque Country, from the 6th to the 13th of February. 

Thousands of peoples, one struggle!  For socialism, FREEDOM FOR THE BASQUE COUNTRY! 

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