10 April 2006


After one week in prison Otegi (Batasuna's spokeman) was released last Friday. Along with him were realest Petrikorena (Batasuna's press officer)and Olano (Askatasuna's spokeman)who spent three weeks behind bars. All together they had to pay a 650.000 euro bail which is been said to be a "counter-revolutionary tax" against the pro-independence movement.

Most of the Basque political parties and trade unions expressed their concerns around this incarceration of members of the Left-wing Abertzale as become an obstacle in the new political situation in the Basque Country.

Yesterday more than 5.000 people gathered in Donostia to denounce these attacks and the banning of a Batasuna's public political meeting to be hold in this city in this very same day. Batasuna was to launch their alternative for radical change in the Basque Country after the party's debate.

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