25 April 2006


Excellent video from Australia's SBS TV which discusses the serious problem of torture inflicted on the Basque people by the Spanish government.


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Daniel said...

Just a wee clarification regarding some possible analogies:
First, the Basque country is and has always been one of the richest and more privileged regions of the state. Since early industrialization it received flocks of poor immigrant workers from the south. Sabino Arana, a fanatic right-wing ultracatholic, founder of basque nationalism and influenced by Spencer's Social Darwinist theories and paranoic racialism contemptibly called them "maketos". Basque fundamentalist organization, ETA, his close descendent, would be virtually inexistent without the pious complicity of the entire Basque catholic hierarchy. Thus, it is not a progressive but a profoundly reactionary movement. On the other hand, from 1978 Spain is a free secular and democratic state, which means a constitution warrants civil and political liberties for all citizens. ETA, however is an organization deliberately and openly designed for systematic violence (including torture) against unarmed innocent civilians in order to impose its agenda coercively on the Basque society. ETA, whose members have always denounced being tortured when captured, owes its popularity and understanding among some in the ‘left’ –paraphrasing Popper- solely to the fact that it appeals to tribal instincts. Perhaps the self-indulging ignorance of the country treated by the "revelations" of this "new" australian reporting is not as appalling as its jingoist hispanophobic prejudicious title. As Tom Paine said, 'I let them promiscuously worship the ass and lion, and welcome. I shall neither copy their humility, nor disturb their devotion.'

ps. La Ășnica iglesia que ilumina es la que arde