25 April 2006


The Irish Basque Committees present Korrontzi Irish Tour'06:

Korrontzi pays hommage to the life an traditional folk tunes of the trikitilari (Basque diatonic accordion player)of Bizkaia province.

The gig will be prefaced with a fifteen minutes english subtitled short film on these old trikitilaris’ life.

Korrontzi was an old trikitilari’s nickname and this performance is based on him and lots others’ life-style. The aim is to show new generations their heritage and remind the elder people of the past.

Korrontzi’s musicians are wellknown in the Basque Country because of their past projects and involment in Basque culture and traditional music.

Although trikitixa (small Basque diatonic acordeon) is the base of the band there are also drums, guitars, mandolins, whistles and other traditional Basque instruments.

Korrontzi’s first album will be launched on march and it will be distributed in Europe, USA and Japan.

Korrontzi’s Irish Tour 2006

26th of April at An Cruiscin Lan, Cork
27th of April at Cobblestone, Dublin
28th of April at Cultúrlann, Belfast
29th of April at Silver Bridge social club (road from Newry to Crossmaglen) South Armagh

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