20 April 2006


More than 20.000 pro-independence and revolutionary young people took part in Gazte Topagunea'06 (Youth Encounter'06)in Etxarri during four days in Easter. A huge success which shows once again the strength of the Basque revolutionary youth movement. Topagunea is a unique political reivindicative youth festival in Europe and is been organized every two years since 1996.

This year's slogan was "Tipi-tapa independentzian topa!" (Step by step meet in independence!) meaning the importance of building independence from today. During four days Etxarri was a free Basque youth Country. Basque youth organized, debating, living together, struggling, enjoying, learning, getting stronger, feeling independence...

Work shops, seminars, debates, popular schools, gigs, excursions, markets...it would be impossible to resume what Topagunea was for four days.

Now is time to put in practice all this strength and lessons in all the country.

Congratulations Basque revolutionary youth!

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