2 March 2006


Despite the Basque Home Affairs' minister's prohibition (PNV government)one thousand people welcomed Igor Angulo Basque political prisoner's coffin in his town Santurtzi.

Santurtzi's usual landscape was transformed with thousands of raised fists, red carnations and Basque flags with black ribbons painting an emotional and tense picture. In fact nobody knew how the particular Basque peelers were going to react.

Sad faces, tears and "Igor, fighter, we remember you" and "The people won't forgive" shouts flooded the way from the town centre to the cemetery.

Then a humble political meeting took place and Juan Mari Olano, Askatasuna's spokeman, expressed the people's concerns by saying that "nobody proved that he committed suicide. He is been probably strangled." He also added that "the dispersal policy killed him" and pointed to the Spanish government and PNV (Basque Nationalist Party who helped in the design of such policy in the lates 80's)as responsibles for this. He accused the PNV of "sending the prisoners from the prison hole to the cemetery hole" as they didn't allow any kind of homage for Igor.

However tomorrow is been called a general strike in Santurtzi and a national homage on Saturday.

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