21 March 2006


Begoña Errazti (EA), Pernando Barrena (Batasuna), Jose Elorrieta (ELA), Rafa Diez (LAB), Ainhoa Beola (Aralar), Mertxe Colina (AB), Anjel Abalde (ESK), Unzalu Salterain (EHNE), Panpi Sainte-Marie (ELB), Belen Arrondo (EILAS), Modesto Garcia (Hiru), Kepa Bereziartua (ANV) and Joxe Iriarte «Bikila» (Zutik)held a press conference to call a national demonstration on the 1st of April in Bilbao with the slogan "It's resolution time. Basque Country. Decision. Agreement."

They highlighted the importance of the popular support for a conflict resolution process in the Basque Country. In their opinion the Basque people must lead such a process. It's not a coincidence the amount of mobilisations in all around the Basque Country in the last weeks.

Through this demonstration and others they want to give a firm answer to the last couple of weeks' attacks like the two political prisoners killings, police repression in the streets and incarceration of Batasuna leaders.

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