7 March 2006


Banners where "ANA, we love you" could be read at the entrance of Portugalete welcomed Roberto Sainz's girlfriend. Roberto, Basque political prisoner died last Friday while holding a protest in the Spanish jail of Aranjuez. He allegedly died from a heart attack and his lawyers, family and Left Abertzale movement denounced he didn't have appropiated medical attention.

Ana, his girlfriend, was arrested along with him in 2003 and is a Basque political prisoners in the madrilian prison of Soto. As showed in the picture she was brought from jail to Portugalete for thirty minutes to say good bye to his boyfriend. They shared almost twenty five years together until they were arrested in 2003.

Despite the hard situation (she had to be given pills when she was told the bad news) she smiled to the hundreds of people who gathered to help her in these sad moments. Police tried to avoid all solidarity shows but once again people confront them.

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