28 February 2006

"Igor is been murdered" prisoner's family

Big concerns around the Basque political prisoner's dead have been rised by the family and pro-independence movement after having access to the forensic act. It reveals that the body was lying on the bed and his hands were tided with skin laces. The first official version said that he was hanging from the window's cell and as his family highlighted he didn't have the permission to use such laces.

Last Saturday he was planning future events with his girlfriend such as having a new baby (he already had a 8 year-old child who was his biggest hope) and his 33rd birthday wich was gonna be next week. He even expressed concern about the times ahead suggesting that dirty war actions could happen in a desperate attempt to stop the process of political resolution of the conflict.

Nobody in the Basque Country believe that he committed suicide.

Batasuna denounced that this is been another killing provoked by the prison dispersal policy wich aims to break the Basque Political Prisoners Collective and wich bases are revenge and suffering infliction and the responsible are the Spanish government and PSOE party.

Yesterday evening hundreds of people took the streets in more than fifty cities and towns all around the Basque Country to protest against this murdering.

The Irish Basque Committees want to express their condolences to the family and comrades and their anger and rage after such a coward act committed by the Spanish authorities and want to call Irish people to be aware of future events organized in Ireland to protest against this political assassination.

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