22 August 2007

Navarre sold to Spanish unionists

Sanz, last week's elected unionist Navarrese president, is congratulated by Spanish conservative leader Rajoy.

Barrena denounces the "gifts" of the PSOE to "extreme right" 17/08/07

The Basque pro-independence left abertzale makes the "PSOE-PSN" responsible for letting UPN (right wing Navarrese party) maintain under its control the Navarrese Government one more a legislature. "The reality is that the party of Chivite, Zapatero and Blanco (PSOE/PSN) has given unlimited power to the most retrograde right of all Europe to continue applying the policies defined these past legislatures: economic planning in accordance with the multinationals, continuous backward movement concerning the social cost, privatization of services, granting the education policies to the private sector…".

The member of the national executive of the Basque pro-independence left, Pernando Barrena, also emphasized that it is not only the management of province what is into the hands of UPN: "it evidences that the PSOE also grants Sanz (head of UPN) the capacity to continue boycotting from the institutional scope the possibility of a process that would allow the people of Navarre to recover our right to freely decide our future".

Barrena considers "evident" that the PSOE "not only has sold its Navarrese militants, but also that has sold Nafarroa in order to alleviate the PP pressure until the Spanish elections of 2008".

Pernando Barrena remembered that, even, the direction of the PSOE "has finally admitted that it never contemplated another possibility of government in Navarre than the UPN because "Navarre is a State subject"", which "sides with the argumentation of the Basque pro-independence left, that many occasions has denounce that a change of government was not possible without a real change in the framework". Barrena actually indicated, "that one has been Nafarroa Bai's great error, to think that a change of government was possible not to change anything".

Barrena affirmed that "in the negotiations with the PSN, Nafarroa Bai only contemplated the historical abertzales vindications in order to reduce them until unsuspected limits: neither change of the Law of the Basque language, nor a debate on the institutional status of Navarre, or a commitment towards the peace process".

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