22 August 2007

The Basque pro-independence left "goes ahead with the liberation process"


Convinced that "only with dialogue and negotiation" the solution "to the political and armed conflict" will be reached, the Basque pro-independence left reiterated before 5,000 people its commitment to retake the negotiating process on the basis of the Basque citizens' capacity of decision.

Joseba Alvarez, member of the national executive of the Basque pro-independence left, analyzed the PNV's (Basque Nationalist Party) behaviour these past months, and mentioned the PNV's slogan "Aurrera doan herria / A country that goes forward". Alvarez commented that "the PNV does not care about anything" not the apartheid against the Basque pro-independence left "nor the 600 Basque political prisoners in the Spanish and French jails, some with fulfilled sentences already or, others seriously ill, others like Gatza that have spent 27 years in prison, and others like Arnaldo Otegi that have been jailed for taking part in the negotiation process".

Joseba Alvarez commented that "the only thing that goes forward are the PNV's businesses, the businesses of imposition, such as the HST (High Speed Train), the Incinerator or the Super port of Pasaia".

Alvarez also dennounced the PNV's performance in the negotiations carried out in the Sanctuary of Loiola between the PNV, the Basque pro-independence left and the PSOE. "the PNV said no to both territoriality and to democracy for the Basque Country", next alluded to recent declarations of the former Spanish president Felipe González, who said that "Imaz is the best thing that has happened to the Basque Country". "The main person in charge at the time of the GAL applauds Josu Jon Imaz (PNV president) and says that he is the most intelligent head of Euskadi. It is shameful - continued Alvarez-, the enemy only plays with the traitors, and that is what Imaz is doing at the moment".

Alvarez insisted that "dialogue and negotiation are the only alternative" and placed the Basque pro-independence left as "the alternative" to build another kind of country, remembering that despite the criminalisation campaign, despite the banning of many Basque pro-independence left candidacies by the Spanish state "we reached 190,000 votes" in the last elections held in the south of the Basque Country.

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