22 August 2007

The Erzaintza arrests Igor Maiora in Gasteiz (Araba) 14/08/07

The autonomous police arrested a youth in Gasteiz after the Ertzaintza (autonomous police) supposedly found his DNA in the scene of a street attack. Askatasuna (organism of legal attendance to the Basque political prisoners) has denounced his arrest as well as the PNV and the Ertzaintza performances.

The autonomic police searched his house for two hours and a half and confiscated acomputer and several CDs, different neighbours declared that the police left the house in a complete mess. When finished the Ertzaintza also searched meticulously the Pub where he works.

Igor Maiora was sent to the Madrilian prison of Soto del Real after declaring before the judge of the Spanish National Hearing Juan del Elmo. According to what indicated Spanish media agencies, Maiora is accused of a crime of "terrorist damage" related to the burning of a cash machine.

100 kilos of cloratita, two limpet mines, pistols and machine guns found in Biarritz (North of the Basque Country) 14/08/07

The material was found, according to French official sources, after the owner of the garage decided to go inside when got no news of the person who had rented it several months ago. This source affirmed that the tenant had paid the money from 1 st February to 30th July.

The French Police assured to have found about 100 kilos of cloratita deposited in can, five kilos to penthrite, a much more powerful explosive that according to the Police ETA has sometimes combined it with cloratita to harness its impact.

The Police also sayed to have found two limped mines, more than 170 detonators, three pistols and several machine guns. It is being investigated if one of the three pistols belonged to the ones stolen in Nimes in October of 2006.

Some sources indicated that a mobile phone and diverse documentation in Basque was also found in the garage, digital tracks are intensely being searched for in order to identify ETA members.

Seven street attacks against cash machines and another one against the Peace Court of Zornotza (Bizkaia) 15/08/07

Seven cash machines of Zornotza were burned and the Peace Court attacked after street rioting. A similar attack caused damages in a PNV office of Donostia, and to a vehicle of the city council of Gasteiz.

Freed the two youth arrested in Donostia (Gipuzkoa) after supposedly attacking a bus 16/08/07

According to what informed the Home Department of the Government of Lakua both youth arrested by the Ertzaintza after the confrontations in Donostia were freed till trial day. Both arrested, a neighbour of Azpeitia (town of gipuzkoa) 20 years old and a 21 years old youth from Barcelona have been accused of "public disorders" and "attack against agents of the authority".

During the incidents registered by second consecutive night in the Guipuzcoan capital, that celebrates the festivities of Aste Nagusia, groups of youth faced the Ertzaintza with pyrotechnic rockets, crossed containers and tried to burn an urban bus. According to the Home department, an agent of the autonomic Police was hurt.

Three devices deactivated, after a warning, in a golf complex in Angelu (North of the Basque Country) 16/08/07

The French Police neutralized three incendiary devices in a golf complex of Angelu. An anonymous caller had previously alerted the emergency services of the positioning of the devices, one of which was a small gas cylinder. One of the devices had been placed in the golf course, another one in a contiguous hotel and the third before a residence of mentioned complex. These attacks are part of an ongoing campaign against housing speculation in the North.

London admits the Euro-order against Albisu, Lopez and Ruiz

The court of London admitted the Euro-order against the three Basques arrested the past April in Sheffield "for not believing Spain will hold them incommunicado". Askatasuna (legal organism in favour of the Basque political prisoners) will challenge this sentence in all the possible judicial scopes.

The sentence believes in the supposed Spanish commitment of not holding the prisoners incommunicado once are handed over to the Spanish authorities; Therefore, and as Askatasuna stressed, "the relation between incommunicado and torture is admited in these declarations"

Askatasuna hardly criticized the decision of handing over the prisoners and once again denounced irregularities committed from the very beginning in the process against the three Basques arrested in Sheffield; the Euro order "is based in lies", it evidences presented were obtained "under torture". They therefore denounced, "The Euro-order is based in torture".

Olano blames the PSOE and the PNV for opening the confrontation route 19/08/07

The spokesman of Askatasuna Juan Mari Olano reprobated the attitude of the PSOE and the PNV, and invited the citizens to participate in the creation of "a social weave, beginning from the work places up to the institutes" for amnesty and self-determination, which he defined as the bases for the resolution of the political conflict.

Around 1,500 people took part in the demo of Donostia to demand amnesty and self-determination, and in defence of the Basque political prisoners' rights.

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