27 February 2006


Basque political prisoner Igor Angulo (Bilbao 1974) was found dead today hanging from his cell window in Cuenca Jail at more than 600 kilometers from the Basque Country. He was the only Basque political prisoner in Cuenca. Because of the Spanish dispersal policy before he was transferred to Cuenca in 2001 he was kept in six different jails all around Spain. He was locked in his cell for 18 hours a day. He was tortured when he was arrested in 1996.

He is the third Basque political prisoner to be found dead in his cell in the last year and we want to make clear to everybody that this is a consequence of the merciless and brutal Spanish and French governments' prison policy against Basques. More than 700 Basque political prisoners are kept in 80 prisons all around France and Spain suffering beatings, isolation, medicalmistreatingt, dispersal and denying of most basic rights likestuddingg, speaking in Basque...Etc.

If the Spanish and French governments are to be considered seriously about their aims towards a political resolution of the conflict they have to change radically their crudel policy against Basque political prisoners and stop treating them as political hostages.

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