30 March 2007

Pro independence left registers new political party at Interior Ministry.

Basque outlawed Batasuna's spokesman Arnaldo Otegi assured the Basque left-wing nationalist movement "fulfilled meticulously the Political Parties Law" when they registered a new political party, Abertzale Sozialisten Batasuna (Basque Socialist Patriots Union), as a new "step" to facilitate the "democratic process."

During a news conference, where no questions were admitted, Otegi said the new political party fulfills meticulously the conditions established by the Political Parties Law, even if he considered the law as "absolutely anti-democratic."

Otegi gave the news conference accompanied by several Batasuna leaders such as Pernando Barrena, Joseba Permach, and Maite Diaz de Heredia.

The Basque leftwing nationalist leader highlighted the new framework has been made to build a new "democratic situation" and not to challenge anyone. He asked the political forces to be "rigorous in their analysis" and to show "the same level of compromise" as the Basque leftwing nationalist movement is doing to reach peace.

Basque Autonomous government :

Basque Government criticized also the Political Parties Law, saying that it doesn't serve to face "future." She reminded the Basque leftwing nationalist movement decided, since its Anoeta proposal, to follow pacific and democratic paths.

Basque activists filed papers with the Interior Ministry to create the new party.

Batasuna's political activities were banned by the Spanish National Court judge Baltasar Garzon on August 26, 2002. Afterwards, the Supreme Court outlawed and dissolved the party as it considered it was part of the armed band ETA.

Leftwing nationalism announced it will hold an event at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre Saturday in which they will unveil their offer, as representatives of the group noted during the presentation of the event.

Interior Ministry statement

In a statement, the Interior Ministry said some of the people promoting the new party may have links to Batasuna or other separatist organizations banned by Spanish courts, and prompted investigations into those facts.

"The name of the proposed new party, Abertzale Sozialisten Batasuna, sounds very much like Batasuna", it added. And the by-laws of the new group contain nothing to suggest it is anything but a follow-up to Batasuna, the ministry said. Prosecutors will study the petition to form the new party.

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