19 January 2007


As a consequence of the difficulties that the Basque process is finding on its way an International Day of support is been called and in Ireland the Irish Basque Committees have organised some picket lines in Belfast (2pm outside Cultúrlann), Dublin (12pm at GPO) and Cork.

Last Wednesday a press conference was hold by the Belfast Basque Committee to launch their support campaign and along with them were the first ten Belfast signatories to the support petition, all of them well known people in the community, councillors, community workers, journalists...(you can read the petition and signatories below; press conference is in the picture above). Basque political prisoner Inaki de Juana who is on his 72nd day on hunger strike ws remembered as well.

Support dialogue and negotiation in the Basque Country.

The process for the resolution of the political conflict between the
Basque Country and the Spanish and French States is today much more
necessary than ever. The aim of this process must be to create strong
democratic grounds to overcome the present confrontation at two negotiating tables including all the political options existing inside the Basque society,

- At one table the political parties, social organisations and
trade-unions of the Basque Country seeking to achieve a common agreement about the key elements of the conflict. These include the Basque Country’s right to decide its future and the internal relationships among the Basque territories.

- At the other table, the Spanish and French states and E.T.A. need to negotiate and promote the demilitarization of the country and resolve the situation of the Basque political prisoners, exiles and all victims.

A resolution to this historical conflict is possible. For the negotiations to progress it is necessary to set basic democratic conditions enabling the participation of every sector in the struggle for a democratic solution to the rights of the Basque Country.

We, the signatories below, call on all sides involved in the conflict to fully commit themselves, despite any difficulties, in the talks process and political negotiations, accepting that Basque citizens will determine their own future.

We call on you also to show your support to the Basque people at this crucial time by coming along to the picket line that the Belfast Basque Committee is organising on Saturday 20th of January, International Day of support for the Basque process, at 2pm outside Cultúrlann.

First ten Belfast signatories to the “Basque process support campaign Petition”:

Michael Culbert

Tomaí O Conghaile

Fergus O'Hare

Paul Maskey

Chrissie Mhic Giolla Mhín

Jennifer McCann

Fra McCann

Pat Rice

Caoimhín Mac Giolla Mhín

Glen Phillips

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