21 September 2006


Inaki De Juana expressed his will to continue on hunger strike after he was force fed last night following orders coming from the Spanish Special Court. He was warned of the consequences by the doctors at the madrilian hospital Gregorio Maranon.

Askatasuna, organitation of solidarity with the Basque political prisoners, denounced the situation of Inaki saying that "it's of big hipocrisy for the Spanish state that they are feeding him because his life is on danger when they are trying to keep him in prison for life. We have to remenber that Inaki started the hunger strike as it was the last weapon he had to fight against the dirty tricks used by the Spanish authorities when despite he did his time to the full, 18 years, they made up new charges requesting for him 96 years for two articles he wrote in te newspaper Gara."

The Irish Basque Committees are organising protests in Cork and Belfast on Saturday and yesterday former 1981 hunger strikers Laurence McKeown and Jackie McMullan showed their support to Inaki De Juana and asked the Irish people to do the same. They are pictured on the right handside while David Kennedy from the Irish Basque Committees is on the left.

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archiveseh said...


there is a petition to International Amnesty asking to adopt Iñaki as prisoner of conscience. It is in spanish at http://www.insurgente.org/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=6615

You can join the petition writting to IA at info@es.amnesty.org

Iñaki's articles can be read at http://webmasterchaos.tripod.com/ but there is only one translated to English.

Best wishes!