20 September 2006


BREAKING NEWS: Inaki De Juana was brought to the hospital yesterday for the third time since he started on hunger strike.

The Spanish Special Court says that Inaki De Juana will be force fed when his life will be at risk.

Today hundreds of people took part in a long day (10am-21pm)protest rally in Inaki's town, Donostia.


Five rallies under slogan "We need them alive and home" went by without
incidents in the five capitals. Attendants claimed amnesty and supported De
Juana Chaos.

Rallies to denounce penitentiary politics of Spanish and French Governments
and to claim respect to prisoners´ rights were hold today after
demonstrations were banned twice the last three days.

Thousands of people demonstrated Sunday morning in Bilbao, Donostia-San
Sebastian, Vitoria-Gazteiz, Pamplona/Iruña and Bayonne without incidents.

The five rallies passed by under slogan "We want them alive and home", and
escorted by Basque Autonomous Police and by National Police in the case of

EPPK demands not to "use" prisoners in the peace process

"Basque conflict will not be solved neither through prison politics nor
through release from prison", the association asserts. [image: Gara] Gara

EPPK, Basque Political Prisoners Group, demands pressure increase against
penitentiary politics and its responsibles. It also claims bringing them to
prisons of the Basque Country, according to a press released published in
Gara today.

"Basque conflict will not be solved neither through prison politics nor
through release from prison", the association asserts.

EPPK calls Basque society in order to " strengthen pressure against
penitentiary politics and its responsibles," and to "be persistent to get
self-determination, territoriality and recognition of the Basque Country".

The press release, addressed to French and Spanish States, showed intention
"to take new and more efficient steps towards freedom."

EPPK claims it will reject "any political project that is based in the
denial of the Basque Country" and it criticises France and Spain because
"they once again make use of prisoners to condition the freedom". Sentences,
such as, "Prisoners in exchange for peace" or "Prisoners in return for
legalization", are just "the expression of political fraud".

The press release also condemns the attempt of trying to take advantage of
the situation of the prisoners and their relatives suffering. Iñaki De Juana
Chaos, in hunger strike since Aug. 7, is mentioned in the release.

New attacks in Barakaldo, Deusto, Vitoria-Gazteiz and Tafalla

Last attack was registered Sunday afternoon in Barakaldo. Some people set
fire to a parked bus. Seven cars were damaged due to the flames.
attacked Barakaldo, Deusto (Bilbao), Vitoria-Gasteiz and Tafalla. The last
was registered in La Paz Street in Barakaldo, Bizkaia, at 6 p.m. Some hooded
people set fire to a bus.

The vehicle was parked and the driver - though no passenger - was in it.
Several people entered the bus and after obligating the woman to get it off,
they set fire on it with several molotov cocktails.

Although firemen arrived at the place on time, the flames damaged seven cars
were damaged.

*Deusto (Bilbao)*

Saturday at 11.10 p.m. protesters attacked with molotov cocktails a
euskotren train in Berrizbidea Street in Deusto. It had just stopped when
some strangers threw several molotov cocktails to one wagon.

The fire was quickly smothered by the engine driver with a fire


At around 11.20 p.m. on Saturday night an ATM was attacked with molotov
cocktails in Vitoria-Gasteiz, according to Basque Home Department. The ATM
is useless.

*Tafalla, Navarre*

Protesters threw several incendiary devices to the Court of Tafalla
triggering little damage. It happened at around 2.30 a.m. Sunday and the
artefacts only blackened the building.

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