31 May 2006


The political situation in the Basque Country at the moment is really difficult as the Spanish and French states continue their attacks against the Left Abertzale (pro-independence movement) and the democratic process.

Last week, as a bid to push the process forward, Batasuna presented publicly their negotiations team (see in the picture above). Almost at the same time the Spanish Special Court charged eight members of Batasuna's leadership with terrorism because of a press conference held to analyze the new political situation after ETA's ceasefire.

The previous week Batasuna was already warning of the dangers surrounding the democratic process: lack of interest of the main parties to set a negotiations table, Spanish government's bid to present the process as a technical process between themselves and ETA and the continuous attacks against the Left Abertzale.

Batasuna made clear that is urgent to set the negotiations table among all Basque political parties where a transition to a democratic situation (acceptance of the Basque Country as a seven provinces nation and self-determination right) will be agreed. Batasuna see as a big contradiction keeping them as an illegal party in this historical opportunity for peace.

Just last week Segi, the pro-independence and revolutionary youth organization, called protests all around the country bringing thousands of young people to the streets for independence. Those protests met big repression which caused wounded and arrested people.

Yesterday the French police arrested three young people in the province of Lapurdi and it's been seen as a provocation and deliberated attack against the process.

As we were saying before today and tomorrow eight members of Batasuna's leadership will have to appear in the Spanish Special Court and could be sent to prison.

Askatasuna, the anti-repression movement has called protests against all the attacks for this Friday with the slogan: "No to the political repression. Democratic minimums now!"

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