31 May 2006


The Irish Basque Committees present Berri Txarrak Irish Tour’06.

Considered by music press as one of the best alternative rock bands, with amazing vocal melodies next to emo, metal strokes and hardcore attitude, Berri Txarrak (www.berritxarrak.net) is a band going through a non-stop evolution. Their lyrics show their political commitment on the Basque struggle and social issues not just in the Basque Country but as well around the world. All of it with a poetic unique style. It’s not a coincidence that the singer won recently the most important Poetry Award in Basque language in his province.

” The music is a mixture of alternative rock, punk, hardcore, metal and some amazing melodies. Band-wise, I think a mixture of Burning Heads and Helmet would be a good description. It has easier melodic parts mixed with full-throttle metal guitars, and very fast drumming and a distinctive European-only edge.” www.Punknews.org

Berri Txarrak won three “Gazte sariak” 2006 awards when the most important Basque radio station Euskadi Gaztea made a review of the best Basque music bands of the year.

Berri Txarrak was nominated in three categories and they won all of them;

“Best band of the year”, “Best album of the year” for “Musika. Jaio.Hil” and “Best live show of the year”.

They won the same three categories in the Spanish magazine Rockzone (www.zona-zero.net) 2005 awards and in Rock Estatal’s 2005’s review the Spanish rock specialized press….. (http://www.rockestatal.com/reportajes/premios_rock_estatal_2005_premios_de_la_critica.htm) …..awarded them as the best rock album but in these two cases now as the best rock band in the whole Spanish State.

Their fifth and last album at the moment, “Musika.Jaio.Hil”,was recorded last August and was produced by famous Ed Rose producer as well of Kurt Cobain, The Get Up Kids or Motion City Soundtrack in the USA.

You can listen to some of the last album’s tracks at: http://www.myspace.com/berritxarrak

Berri Txarrak have been playing in different countries around the world such as USA, Mexico, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Spain supporting bands like Deftones with great succes.

This summer they’re being touted to tour Europe as support band for the Chicago based hardcore rockers Rise Against.

Before this we are delighted to have Berri Txarrak playing in Ireland for the first time ever!

Wednesday 7th of June: Dublin
(Voodoo Lounge)

Thursday 8th of June: Derry
(Sandino’s Bar)

Friday 9th of June: Belfast
(Black Box) Support bands:
Decoy 47 / RSI / The Hypocrates

Saturday 10th of June: Galway

Sunday 11th of June: Cork
(Fred Zeppelin)

All gigs supported by local bands. Doors open @8.30pm. Fee: 6€ / £5.

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