14 January 2010

Five alleged ETA members and one refugee arrested.

Two alleged ETA members, Inaki Iribarren and Eider Uruburu, were arrested in the south of France last week when, according to police sources, they were leaving an ETA arms dump which had been under surveillance for months.

Another two, Garikoitz Garcia and Iratxe Yanez, were arrested in Portugal after escaping from a Spanish police checkpoint a few miles away from the border. The police said they found explosives and weapons in a van. The Spanish authorities requested their extradition.

Also last week Peio Olano was arrested by the Spanish Guardia Civil. After five days of incommunicado detention he was sent to jail where he was finally able to talk to his lawyer and reported the terrible tortures he suffered at the hands of the Guardia Civil. He stated that he was suffocated with plastic bags and rolled up in a blanket while four policemen jumped on him, that he received threats against his young son, and that he was continuously beaten and was obliged to do physical exercises.

Finally, last Friday night young political escapee Ibai Pena was arrested in the north of the Basque Country and later sent to jail while awaiting an extradition hearing.

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