4 March 2009


Basque Info 3/03/09

-The political apartheid imposes a pro-Spanish parliament and excludes 100,000 voters.

Last Sunday elections took place in the Basque provinces of Gipuzkoa, Bizkaia and Araba to elect a new local parliament.

The pro independence platform Demokrazia 3 Miloi/Democracy 3 Million being banned from standing in elections saw the equivalent of a South African Apartheid in the Basque Country.

Despite this 100,000 people voted with the “illegal” ballots. Many people went to poll stations with their mouth covered with Spanish flags as a protest gesture.

These results are some incredible results, probably one of the biggest civil disobedience actions in Europe in recent years and a clear result of resistance which will make others think of the failure of the repression strategies.

All in all the pro-self determination votes are still a clear majority in the three provinces (600,000 against 400,000 pro-Spanish votes). The paradox is that now the Basque Nationalist Party/PNV are claiming that the pro-independence platforms being banned played in favour of the pro-Spanish parties when that was always said by the pro-independence movement. They acussed the PNV of doing nothing against it. Furthermore they were happily collaborating implementing the Parties' Law. Their political police, Ertzaintza, attacked events and arrested activists during the campaign and their media, EITB, ignored and censored the pro-independence candidates. Now they'll have to confront the reality which is that they have a non democratic three provinces Spanish parliament and what it'll be harder for them, they'll loose power.

These fraudulent elections saw many contradictions. The PNV /Basque Nationalist Party who has been in government for the last 30 years won the election and got 30 seats out of the 75 that conform the local parliament. However, it’s about to loose the government to the Spanish parties. The Spanish Labour Party who made serious gains took 24 seats but the Spanish right wing PP lost votes managing to get 13 seats.

The most probable option is a coalition government made up of PSE (Partido Socialista de Euskadi, the local branch of the social democrats in power in Madrid), PP and UPyD (some fascist split from PSOE).

Reactions :

The pro independence representatives have denounced that the new parliament will be anti democratic and illegitimate because the rules have been bent to suit Spanish unionism.

They have also accused the Spanish Labour Party of completing the cycle of banning started by the right wing Popular Party, and have denounced the political apartheid and continuous persecution of pro independence Basques.

But despite the banning with such a successful result the pro independence movement has said to be ready to open a new political offensive which will lead to a democratic change.

The Basque Nationalist Party, seemed to concentrate on the fact that they received the biggest amount of votes of all the parties but did not want to talk about the fact that they may be loosing their historical position in government.

- Pro independence Basque young people are getting ready for their yearly encounter at Easter.

This year they will be organising a march which will take place over the Easter weekend. This year the march will focus on denouncing the strategy of colonisation of the French State and on celebrating steps towards Basque independence and socialism.

If you are interested in taking part in this event that gathers some 3,000 young people you can get in touch with the Irish Basque Solidarity Committees by writing an email to irishbsc@gmail.com

-A multitude of mobilisations took place last Friday to denounce the conditions of Basque political prisoners.

As every last Friday on the month hundreds of people rallied in villages and towns of the Basque country in support of the Basque political prisoners.

February saw 36 transfer of prisoners.

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