31 December 2007

Basque political prisoner mother-in-law killed by dispersal policy.

Basque political prisoner Unai Gonzalez relatives had a terrible road accident on their way to the Spanish jail of Teruel at hundreds of miles from the Basque Country. As a result the prisoner's parents, wife and mother-in-law were very badly injured. On Christmas Day the worst news came up: Natividad Junko died as a consequence of the injuries.

Thousands of people took to the streets in towns and cities all around the Basque Country to denounce her death. The criminal dispersal policy designed by the Spanish and French governments has already caused 17 deaths among Basque prisoners relatives. 700 Basque political prisoners are scattered in more than 100 jails around France and Spain. The Basque people have tirelessly campaigned for the repatriation of the prisoners for years but to no avail.

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