22 August 2006

Batasuna leader voices "worry" for socialists' "lack of maturity"

Likewise, outlawed Batasuna spokesman has regretted the attempts of the
Socialist Party to "distort" the contents of a future agreement for
political normalisation. [image: Arnaldo Otegi and Rufi Etxeberria] Arnaldo
Otegi and Rufi Etxeberria

Banned BATASUNA spokesman, Arnaldo Otegi, has voiced today his "worry" for
the development of the peace process due to the "lack of maturity and
responsibility of socialist leaders. In his opinion, they try to "distort"
the contents of a future agreement for political normalisation in the Basque

Otegi, who offered a press conference in Donostia-San Sebastián alongside
party member Rufi Etxeberria, has said nobody can believe that in the talks
with socialists preceding the cease-fire Navarre region was not taken as
part of the peace process, or that leftwing nationalism swore allegiance to
the Spanish Constitution, as some socialist leaders pretend to affirm.

Likewise, he has voiced his will to work for a compromise within the next
few weeks to start a multiparty dialogue that doesn't exclude territories
and respects the will of Basques.

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