11 July 2006

Zapatero and ETA reached an agreement with commitments


According to the Basque newspaper Gara, Zapatero's executive and the armed organisation reached an agreement with commitments. Conservative PP demanded"urgent" explanations from the Spanish prime minister.

Guarantees and commitments.

Gara reported quoting "sources who know about the process," that the Spanish government and ETA reached last February an agreement aiming at both sides'commitments and guarantees. Thus, the government would not carry out arrests and would respect decisions about their own future made by citizens from the four south Basque provinces under Spanish rule (the so called right to decide). On its part, ETA committed itself not to implementing acts of weapon supply once the permanent ceasefire was announced.

PP demands explanations.

On his part, the secretary-general of the conservative PP, Angel Acebes, demanded urgent explanations from Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero on the "commitments and agreements" reached between the Spanish government and the armed organisation. In his opinion, these pieces of information prove the presence of a "trap process" and "negotiations with ETA outside the law." Justice Minister, Juan Fernando Lopez AguilarJusticeMinister, Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar, assured today in the evening that the Spanish government"completely" denies information published in the Basque left wing nationalist newspaper Gara over an agreement between the central government and theBasque armed band ETA.

Dylan to sing for peace 10/07/2006 12:59 - (SA) San Sebastian, Basque Country. Bob Dylan, the 1960s peace movement icon, willheadline a free concert on Tuesday in the Basque cityof San Sebastian lending support to the peace processin the country. The concert at Zurriola Beach will be a "happening that will be remembered as a milestone in the path of peace", according to the event's organisers, who expect 50 000 people to attend. "We are living days of hope when at last peace is possible. The gathering of thousands of people united by the music and over political ideas of any kind looks like the best way to symbolise this moment," a statement said. US-born Dylan, 65, author of peace anthems such asBlowing in the Wind and Masters of War, will come onstage at around 19:00 GMT, after Mikel Laboa, a "living legend of Basque music", according to the organisers.

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