19 June 2006

ETA addresses the French government for negotiation

ETA launched a new statement showing their will of a democratic resolution to the political conflict with the French state. ETA denounces that the French state is being oppressing Basques specially since the 1789 Revolution and that still nowadays the Basque Country and the Basque language are not recognized by France. ETA points that the French state keeps the three Basque provinces of Lapurdi, Baxe Nafarroa and Zuberoa prisoners by force but states that thanks to the Basque people's struggle the will for freedom is still alive and getting stronger from year to year.

ETA says that it's time now to end with the traditional French contempt towards Basques and give the word and the decision about their future to Basque people.

The French snub was once again showed as they answered to ETA's statement through their Foreign Office as this was a foreign affair. The French state is killing the North of the Basque Country by turning it into a holidays resort for retired French rich people, denying and attacking the Basque language, forcing youth to emigrate to get a job or education, repressing peaceful protests and people created own institutions...

The French state is as involved in the political conflict as the Spanish state so both must be involved in the political resolution by giving the Basque people on its whole the right to decide their future.

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